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Review With the books' chapters including chairs, benches, tables, swings and gliders and garden projects, Outdoor Furniture pretty much has everything covered for outdoor furnishings. Besides the projects themselves the book focuses on how to build furniture that will hold up in the outdoors. For me, with having just basic woodworking skills, I found this book to be 'one up' from my abilities - taking the cut and join building that I am used to into the fine woodworking realm. With excellent photos, drawings, and directions provided, this is a wonderful book for, not only someone who wants to build some outdoor furniture, but also for those who want to try their hand at some finer woodworking skills. My Ratings of The Book Layout and Appearance: Good balance of photos, plans and instructions. Thumbs Up! Instructions: Clear step-by-step instructions and patterns. Thumbs Up! Projects Selection: Great variety - from easier and complex difficulty Inspiration: a wonderful variety of projects. Thumbs Up! Overall: Thumbs Up!featured in Christmas gift round-up, Furniture & Cabinet Making, Dec 11 editionAlthough the calendar says it's spring the weather in the northern regions of this continent deny it. We are very sure however that after spring comes summer and it is now that we should start building garden furniture in preparation for the hot months. Built to Last is the book you want to refer to for some excellent plans with step-by-step instructions to build them. Not only are there 14 beautiful outdoor woodworking projects in this great book, but the editors show you in depth, how to build them. A swing for two, a rustic table, a glider seat, a folding picnic table and the old standby, the Adirondack chair are just a few of the excellent plans in this book. There are many more as well, and the authors walk you through the varied plans up to the finishing touches. The garden arbor on page 133 is an interesting design and every detail is spelled out for you to build your own. The authors show you how easily its done.By the nature of where it spends its life, outdoor furniture has to be designed, first and foremost, to withstand its toughest enemy - the elements. While makers of indoor furniture need to consider the swelling and contraction of wood due to seasonal changes in relative humidity, outdoor furniture builders must also allow for the fact that their pieces will occasionally be drenched in water. dried by the wind and baked by the sun. With appropriate materials, design, joinery and hardware, you can fashion pieces that will be as durable and long-lasting as any kitchen side chair or bedroom armoire. Included in the book are projects for outdoor chairs, benches, tables, swings, gliders and other garden structures, all with step-by-step instructions and detailed drawings. Read more From the Back Cover Outdoor furniture is the ideal woodworking project because it doesn't need to be perfect; it only needs to be comfortable and strong enough to withstand water, wind, and sun. In fact, with the right design and techniques, and the appropriate materials, you can craft furniture for your yard, deck, and patio that will be as beloved and long-lasting as any piece you build for the inside of your home. As part of the Built to Last Project Series, Outdoor Furniture delves into 14 sturdy projects every woodworker should build in his or her lifetime-including a classic Adirondack chair and a nostalgic porch swing. This accessible reference will guide you every step of the way with detailed plans, step-by-step instructions for preparing every piece, and directions on how each project fits together. You'll even learn how to design outdoor projects of your own. In the end, you'll be enjoying the great outdoors with attractive, durable furniture you can proudly say you built yourself. Read more See all Editorial Reviews